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Night Sky

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Light Pollution.

Each Night Sky filter delivers incredible starlight definition and true color neutrality. Each Night Sky filter is weathersealed in our rugged X4 traction frame and features an incredibly durable MRC16 and nanotec® coatings for easy and fast cleaning.


No Night Sky Filter VS. Night Sky Filter


Built for outdoor photographers.

Artificial light pollution ranges between 570 to 610 nanometers on the visible light spectrum. Artificial light pollution can reduce starlight definition by up to 50%. The orange color cast decreases contrast between the stars and the space behind them, making an the otherwise black backdrop of space look orangish.

Night Sky Filter before and after

Eliminates light pollution


Eliminating light pollution is essential to capturing beautiful Night Sky images, however finding a location to shoot without light pollution can be incredibly difficult if not impossible depending on where you’re shooting.

Eliminating light pollution in post-processing is a destructive type of editing, whereas with a Night Sky filter light pollution is eliminated non-destructively.