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Arca Plates

Breakthrough Photography

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Our Universal Arca-Type Quick Release Plate is precisely machined with a high quality stainless steel hand-adjustable, allen key and coin compatible screw. Never be left out in the field with a loose tripod plate again!

40MM: Designed for mirrorless cameras from Leica, Sony, Olympus and Fuji.

60MM: Designed for SLR cameras from Canon and Nikon.

85MM: Designed for telephoto lenses, from 200mm and above.

This Quick Release Plate also features a loop for camera straps, and a removable end-piece allowing the photographer to position the plate flush against the back of the camera body for increased stability.

We also added two adjustable (and removable) stainless steel screws on either end of the tripod plate to prevent the camera from sliding off by accident if you haven’t adjusted the tension 100% yet.