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Ultralight Limited Edition Arca Plates

New Ideas MFG

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Our limited edition Arca-type Plates are manufactured in the USA for a select set of cameras. Each plate is constructed from anodized aluminum with stainless steel hardware and feature unique designs that reduce weight without sacrificing strength or rigidity.

Each Limited Edition plate has locating pins or secondary screws which eliminate any unwanted rotation or wobble for a completely secure fit. Compatible with any clamp that accepts Arca-style quick release plates.

ARCA for Canon R6 / R5: Designed for Canon R6 and Canon R5 cameras.
ARCA for Nikon Z7 / Z6: Designed for Nikon Z7 and Nikon Z6 cameras.
ARCA for KOMODO: Designed for RED Komodo Cameras.


We guarantee this universal Arca-Type plate is compatible with every Arca-Type tripod head ever manufactured, or your money back!

NOTE: One customer has told us that our Universal Arca Plates do not work with all RRS tripod heads, meaning RRS uses some kind of proprietary dimensions, not universal. You can buy one and try, and if it doesn't work take us up on our 60 day return policy.